What is PyEngine?

PyEngine is a python library for creating games 2D videos more easily. It is a kind of very simplified game engine without an interface.

Why create PyEngine?

To create a video game in python, there is already the very good PyGame.

But when I created my game, I had to create systems (such as the entity system) that are useful for all. So I chose to create PyEngine (which uses PyGame itself) (And then it allows a good training in Python).

What are the dependencies of PyEngine?

Apart from Python, PyEngine uses PyGame.

What are the platforms where PyEngine can be used?

If you can use PyGame and Python, you can use PyEngine.

I would like to participate in the development of PyEngine, how do I do it?

Send me a message by Discord (LavaPower#2480) to see what you can do or go to GitHub